Customer Acquisition, Collaborations and Partnering Opportunities with Kleinert & Partner


Kleinert & Partner helps non-German companies to strengthen presence in the German market.

A special focus on biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector - whether it is for B2B development, licensing purpose, research based collaboration or commercial and marketing oriented partnerships we touch all essential corner stones.

We are aware of the manifold hurdles that a medium-scaled industry may face, while stepping into an international market and expand the business therein.

We accompany you on this journey and make it easier. Get in touch with us for a practical solution to reach your ambitions.

What are your benefits?

What are the benefits of an outsourced sales channel for your company?

It is the sales that count, be it a product, service or technology. Sales are the foundation of a strong company  and can be the most challenging process to integrate into daily business.

Why not outsource unpopular activities like cold acquisition to increase scale of business and enhance value of it’s asset? We relieve the pressure of your acquisition activities and associated frustration from your staff so you can concentrate on other aspects that matter to you.

This is nothing but simply a division of labor! We approach potential customers, collaborations or strategic partners and initiate a constructive dialogue on your behalf.

In doing so, we work with your sales/marketing / R&D department to deliver measurable and goal-oriented results and lead to real growth options - this is professional!

How it works?

How it works?

We welcome new challenges!

Prerequisite is a careful, thoughtful and systematic acquisition processes and interactive operations with clients. We are a unique combination of scientists, clinical research experts, marketing and business development talents.

Our services can be broadly described as follows:

  • After few initial sessions of discussion and exchange of information, we allot an experienced and knowledgeable employee as per the specific needs of project, who acts as a responsible person in market and a mediator with client team.
  • We research, analyze the market and take initiative to meet the demands of our clients. We communicate on behalf of our clients to potential customers, collaborators or strategic partners, opening real business opportunities.
  • We support additionally for multichannel media performance and operational management involving lingual, legal, communication issues.
  • Measurable and target oriented results are delivered at regular intervals to update our clients and our services are refined as per the feedback we receive from clients as well as the response in market. Thus, it is absolutely flexible and customized!  


Can we market your specific products?

Reaching out to customers/partners via external employees?
Can you do so even though my product is very specific?

The successful marketing and business development strategies of Kleinert & Partner can be applied to every product and service.

The prerequisite is careful training, thought-through and systematic acquisition processes and the ability of our employees to adapt quickly to your company.

We are committed to the knowledge of your product / service. All data, facts and sales-related information can and will be conveyed with enthusiasm to your customers. Whether software, mechanical engineering, biotechnology or other industries - nothing is too complex. We can adopt and accommodate.

What does the customer acquisition cost?

What does it cost to win new customers / build successful collaborations or strategic alliances?

The pricing of Kleinert & Partner GmbH is transparent and fair. For perfect marketing and professional canvassing team, invest a manageable monthly flat rate, with fair dismissal times and without long-term contract commitment — just tailored to your project. Your satisfaction is our success!

We are happy to inform you more detailed about our pricing and terms in a personal meeting with specific consideration of your needs - tailored to your project.